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A wide variety of extruders are available corresponding to new materials.
With the advent of advanced technologies using macromolecule materials, Toshin's technology is now winning increasing attention from all over the world.
Toshin has greatly contributed to corporate rationalization mobilizing our technical resources.
Twin extruder/Shingle extruder
Twin extruder/Shingle extruder
1. The material is extruded by the two screws.
2. The material can be fed as a batch into the hopper inlet.
3. Granulation, sheet forming, straining and preliminary forming are available.
4. Screws and casing part are easily disassembled and cleaned.
: TC type
: HTC type, TEC type, STE type
Plunger extruder
Plunger extruder
1. The material is extruded using a piston (hydraulic cylinder).
2. Ideal for CIM, MIM, granulation of composite resin, straining and preliminary forming.
3. Easy cleaning and no residual impurities.
4. The extruding temperature can be fixed.
5. Also ideal for the materials requiring high pressure.
: TP type


*Equipped with the automatic measuring cutter
Hybrid Twin extruder HTC type

step1. Extrusion by HTC type Extruder
step2. The extruded material is carried by the conveyor.
step3. The weight is measured on the conveyor belt.
step4. When the preset weight is reached...
step5. The materials are cut by the cutter.
step6. The roller carries the material.
Equipped with the automatic measuring cutter Hybrid Twin extruder HTC type

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(With weight sorter)

BMC sheet
* Chewing gum
* BMC dry pellet * PP+ calcium carbonate pellet
* PVC pigment sheet * Metallic particle pellet
* PVC pigment pellet * Synthetic rubber sealing material
* Plastic magnet pellet * Asphalt sheet
* Fine ceramic pellet * Silicone rubber
* Polyethylene sheet pellet * Polymer pencil lead
* Conductive plastics * Adhesives
* Polycarbonate * Ink
* Electrode * Cemented carbide alloy
* Composite pellet * PE, PP, ABS carbon, batch
* Synthetic rubber * Engineering, plastics
* Soundproof sheet    

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