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Invitation to trial
test pellet
For those who are interested in our products or want to try any of our products, we offer you charged for test. You can make trials of our products using your own compound materials. Our sales representatives are ready to answer your questions and give you advice. We are confident that we provide services beneficial to our customers.
* You can try kneading and extruding the material using our trial machines.
(Contact us for details about the trial machines.)
* Try your own compound materials on our trial machines.
* The trial is attended by sale representatives well versed in our products. We welcome any questions and give you useful advice.

For example
touch panel
touch panel
* Select the optimum device.
* Know the kneading temperature and the metal cap.
* Know the difference between the extrusion made by 4 blades and the extrusion made by 2 blades.
* Experience the automatic program control using the touch panel.
* Expecting to be your best partner,
Our highly-skilled engineers are ready to provide proposals to meet your highly demanding requests.

How to apply
Please apply for the trial services by filling out the inquiry form or directly calling the following contact personnel.

Please contact Nishikawa of Sales and Technical Department.

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